Artist Statement

 I grew up amongst great diversity and came to love the subtle nuances of change. My work reflects my eclectic interests. I enjoy fluidity of line and sensuous texture and often incorporate these into my work.

As an artist I am constantly aware of light, color, forms and imagery. These things take on a spiritual side to me and sharpen or concentrate my awareness of God’s handiwork.

Color assails me continually. I see the colors in the world swirling about me. Everywhere there is color, there is energy. Serene greens, yellows, reds and browns flickering in the light and wind in the many forms of nature. Pulsing streams of colors flowing with crowds of people. They fill me to the point of overflowing onto my canvas

Stemming from deep within me, my art is my obsession and my joy. I am honored to be able to share my joy with you. It is my hope that through my art, you can discover parts of your soul that were previously hidden. Art reaches in and grabs you, while opening your eyes to the world.


Kerry Jo Montoya painted her first oil painting at the tender age of seven. In the early 80’s her work was displayed in the Art Institute of Chicago. Recent opportunities have afforded her the chance to complete her degree. In  2003 she happily graduated with a B.F.A. in Studio Art.

Kerry is swiftly gaining recognition for her extraordinary talent and her career has sprung to life. Since good news travels fast, she is now an internationally collected artist whose works are collected in seven different countries.


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