Posted on Jul 30, 2015

$1200 TRINITY – Lightning Ridge Black Opal Carving

Trinity - Lightning Ridge Black Opal Carving

Trinity – Lightning Ridge Black Opal Carving

20 ct – 33x29x10 mm
Body tone: N3 – The potch is a solid LR Black at N3.
Brightness: B2 to B4 – The drop is B2, the triangle is B4, and the spirit wind is B3. I rate the drop at a B2 as it’s harder to see out of the light whereas the other two areas aren’t. But if you’re judging the brightness under the light the drop would have a higher brightness rating.

This opal carving comes in a black suspension display box and will show it’s true colors under a display light.

The triangle focal point represents the trinity. It’s a bright flash that rolls from blue to teal.

1) The host rock that encases it all represents the Father.

2) The drop at the top represents the blood & tears of the Son. It’s a multicolored pinfire with all colors in it.

3) The glowing blue wave that folds from front to the back represents the wind of the Spirit.

From a technical point of view, I was tickled pink to find one stone with three opals in it, each with their own patterns. It truly was three in one.  Please enjoy the video below for the best representation of this gemstone opal carving.

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